BGL Creates the Distribution Services Department

In speaking with Brian Horanoff and Greg Gillespie, owners of BGL Asset Services, expanding their operations to include other vital areas of gas distribution services was truly a matter of mind set rather than a change in current business practices.

Timing is right for BGL to move in this direction. Recent changes in Federal guidelines and rulemaking requires utilities to institute a greater sustained effort in the integrity management of their distribution systems. A majority of this focus has been on the prioritization of operational processes and how process data is captured in the field as a means to measure a system’s risk and the consequences associated with those risks.

Another key area of interest by governmental officials has centered on routine maintenance standards and the miles of antiquated distribution lines that are still in use throughout the United States. Currently there is a push to update or replace much of these existing systems. It is these two areas of the gas distribution system driving the need for better reporting methods and risk assessments. Many of the past records and reports have been misplaced, destroyed by fire or flood, or just faded away due to the quality of print some 40 years ago.

As a result, there is a renewed call for action in the industry and BGL is in a position to assist natural gas distribution clients. Currently, BGL has on staff over 50 years of distribution operations experience. Such expertise includes: directional boring; design and construction of steel and polyethylene natural gas distribution mains and services; installation, repair and recoating of regulator stations and large commercial and industrial meter sets; leak and atmospheric corrosion surveying; management oversight of Federal and State regulatory compliance; and business process improvement consulting.

BGL has assessed the expertise of their staff and we expect to play a vital role in our client’s current and future business plans as they work diligently to fulfill these newly established requirements. We are certain BGL’s past experience and demand for high quality workmanship will be exactly what our clients will expect and receive.

If you are interested in discussing how BGL can assist in the completion of those construction and maintenance requirements as outlined in Title 49, Part 192, please contact us today.