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Customer Feedback

This note is to express my complete satisfaction with the projects BGL has performed this year. All of your folks have displayed exceptional technical skills along with the ability to perform the assigned tasks with very little supervision. I grew up with the saying that, “there are two ways to do a job, you can do it right or you can do it over” and from what I can see, this seems to be a persistent attitude with your employees.Brad’s Close Interval crew did an outstanding job. I was impressed by how Brad and James coached and guided the Short Service Employee, Brent, on his first CIS project. Although I was with this crew almost every day, I am confident they would have performed the job in the same manner and with the same results had I not been with them. Sure, there were some decisions that had to be made in the field about whether to continue surveying or re-survey a section and I feel certain that Brad would have made the same decision I did if the decision had been his to make.

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