Correlation Between Defensive Driving and Working with Natural Gas

Driving in SnowThroughout this past winter, most of us have had to endure extremely cold weather and hazardous driving conditions. How many of you noticed those drivers who were more offensive in their driving techniques rather than defensive? You know, the person who sped by at sixty or seventy miles an hour when everyone else was doing twenty. Most of us probably witnessed those same drivers sitting alongside the roads or ditches waiting for the tow truck to help them out.

If you think about it, working with natural gas is very similar. Just as those drivers become impervious to road conditions, many technicians become too secure when working with natural gas. Unfortunately, it is this sense of experience or routine that often leads to mishaps or unacceptable short cuts.Working with Natural Gas

Many of the tasks that we perform are routine. However, our goal should always be sure to never let that sense of routine mind-set carry over into a situation that could be dangerous. Just because it did not happen before does not mean that it won’t happen the next time. Just as you didn’t skid out of control today doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow. Two questions we should always ask ourselves, “At what point are we willing to sacrifice our own life or that of others, and, Can you live with the consequences of your actions or decisions?”

So as the snow melts and Spring brings about many new tasks in the gas industry, ask whether or not this particular moment, situation, or incident is worthy of an offensive mind-set or a defensive mind-set. A defensive mind-set that is cautious, respectful of the hazards, and methodic in the approach to bring about a safe resolution to a dangerous situation.

By: William Luttrell