pump 2At BGL, we expect excellence in safety performance from our employees and subcontractors both on and off the job. Our exemplary safety record is a direct result of understanding and belief by all our associates, that performing our tasks safely is most important. Our objective is to minimize safety related incidents both on and off the job. Daily awareness of safety is emphasized through routine online and office safety training, onsite tailgate safety meetings, and a quarterly safety newsletter published for review. At BGL, we understand if we can’t work safely, we can’t work for you!

What Our Customers Say

With Eric and Pete working on our Annual CP Survey task, I know they encountered situations that required some level of resolution before proceeding. They made the correct decisions and were able to carry on with little or no involvement on our part. They were diligent in protecting the data they collected and transmitted it to me in a very timely manner. From post processing of the data, it is evident their data was accurate and there were very few locations that had to be re-read.

Above all, each job was accomplished with zero safety incidents. I commend you for instilling the belief in your employees that no job is successful unless it is performed safely. Thank you and I look forward to having you on more of our projects in the future.

Best regards,